Sequoia is a Vancouver and Toronto based M&A boutique that sells privately owned, mid-market companies to a global market of strategic buyers.

Team of Curious Motivated Entrepreneurs

Sequoia Mergers & Acquisitions is a team of people who, with personal capital and sweat equity, have started, grown, matured, and sold several of our own mid-market companies. That experience translates directly to the sale of your company. Our selling and negotiating skills are indispensable when qualifying buyer intent, motivation, and capacity to consummate the sale of your company on terms negotiated to your benefit.

Founded 2007 

Talk about persistence. Sequoia was established in 2007. We bought our original offices in mid 2008. On a historic day that September we moved into our new offices, opened the newspaper and read “Lehman Brothers Collapses” – hold on to your hats! Notwithstanding bone dry credit markets and the onset of the great recession, Sequoia flourished and with many years now under our belts we’ve succeeded in all phases of the market cycle. Our reputation for obtaining windfall valuations for our clients is the result of leveraging the value drivers in our clients’ companies with a sales process specifically designed to foster competition.

6 Transactions per Year

We typically take on and execute up to 6 company sales per year. We won’t take on more than we can handle and we don’t carry excess “inventory”. We have the good fortune to meet with nearly a hundred business owners each year, none of which we pressure to ‘sign up’ with us. Instead, we are selective about the companies we are engaged to sell so that we can ensure mutual success.

Sell Side Specialists  

Our skill set is uniquely suited to one aspect of mergers and acquisitions — we specialize in the sale of privately owned, mid-market companies. We are not diluted by working for buyers, raising equity, sourcing debt, refinancing companies, conducting succession planning, or consulting on value creation. We are with you for the seven to nine months from when you have committed to sell your company until our last formal meeting with you, and the buyers of your business, in the closing room at the end of the transaction.

Mid-Market Expertise 

One of the things we cherish most is the personal satisfaction of helping our clients exceed their goals when selling their companies. Large cap investor-owned transactions take on an institutional character leaving a void of accomplishment we’ve come to enjoy with our mid-market clients. We don’t discriminate on size of mid-market businesses. If we are confident that we can sell the company for a price sufficiently high enough such that our fee becomes an investment rather than a reduction of your equity, we willingly embrace the challenge regardless of size.


Prospective clients often ask us: Have you sold a company like ours? Do you specialize in any particular industry? We don’t specialize in what our clients’ companies do. We specialize in creating competition for the sale of strategically valuable companies in industries as diverse as:

  • Food Processing: Leading manufacturer of branded specialty Asian food products

  • Building Envelope Systems: Lean manufacturer of engineering building envelope products

  • Healthcare: National chain of biologic drug infusion clinics

  • Infrastructure Construction: Major project site facilitation and personnel transport

  • Aquaculture: Manufacturer of land based fish rearing facilities

  • Leisure Products: Sector leading bicycle components manufacturer

  • Aggregates: Value added crushing systems manufacturer

  • Education: Heavy equipment operator training institute

  • Paper: Value added paper manufacturer

  • Horticulture: National grower and marketer of perennials

  • Automotive: OEM auto parts manufacturer

  • Electrical Power: Transmission and distribution construction

  • Home Furnishings: Innovative home improvement products manufacturer

  • Construction Materials: Western Canada fastening systems distributor

  • Wellness: Chain of fitness facilities

  • Resource Recovery: Specialty electronics dismantler

  • Polymers: Plastics and coatings distributor

  • Fluid Systems: Commercial and industrial pump manufacturer

  • Modular Power Substations: E-house manufacturer

Common Denominator 

The following characteristics are common to all of our clients and their companies:

  • High integrity owners

  • Profitable

  • Scalable

  • Sustainable

The first point is a matter of principle, a key ingredient to ensure a successful relationship. The latter three points are characteristics of the company that, in combination, create a platform for leveraging the value of the business through a well run competitive sales process to strategic buyers and other interested parties.

Bottom Line

  • We focus on mid-market businesses - that's our heritage.

  • We earn trust by demonstrating our integrity, intent, capabilities, and results.

  • We take care of the details eliminating the converse.

  • We believe hard work, common sense, and compassion = exceptional service.

  • We count ourselves fortunate to love what we do.

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