There are many reasons to choose Sequoia.

We've Been There and Done That

Would you rather have your surgery done by the promising young intern or the Specialist Doctor that has been practicing for many years who has dealt with multiple unforeseen complications that can arise in the Operating Room? Would you rather fly to Singapore on a flight commanded by the recent flight academy graduate or the veteran pilot that has 10,000 hours of flight time and hundreds of legs in varying conditions of weather and mechanical related uncertainty. How about selling your business? At Sequoia, for more than eleven years straight, we've flawlessly executed the same process year after year, the sale of privately held companies like yours. Eleven years of encountering the unexpected. Eleven years of honing best practices. Eleven years of success. Experience is knowing and doing. That's why.

Get More 

We have sold our clients’ businesses for significantly higher than their expected values (we are happy to provide client references to substantiate this statement). We are committed to getting you the most possible for your company. What’s more, when compared to industry averages (Source: Canadian Private Target M&A Deal Points Study, American Bar Association, Business Law Section) we secure better terms for our clients (200% more cash at closing, 23% better working capital adjustments, 17% smaller escrow holdbacks, and 19% more indemnity exclusions).


Since our inception in 2007 we have achieved an unwavering degree of success for our clients. We have repeatedly proven that when we employ our process, we have successfully sold their companies.


Our sales process creates an effective auction that has resulted in 3 to 8 bona fide letters of intent to purchase our clients’ companies. That not only drives valuation upward, but affords choice of who our client ultimately chooses to sell their business to and the terms upon which they want to sell it. A good cultural fit is important because when you sell your company you have a vested interest in its continued growth and success since you may want to retain a minority equity interest in the company, you may hold a vendor note, or perhaps you’ll be landlord to the new owner of your former company. Not to mention that you’d rather sell to a responsible steward of your company’s employees, its brand, and its legacy. 

Skin in the Game

Sequoia’s business model is built on getting the best deal for your business (price, terms, and fit) in the shortest time frame. If we can’t add value to the sale of your company we won’t take the engagement. We represent select opportunities we are confident we can close which is when we earn our keep. Since our fee structure is contingent upon the sale of the company, your fee risk is minimized until the sale completes – that aligns our objectives with yours.


Like you, we're entrepreneurs, we continue to make our own way as we have for all of our careers.  But it's more than just being a self-directed businessperson. In an M&A context, being independent means being free of any and all conflicts of interest. As an independent firm, Sequoia's sole duty is to promote and protect your interests, free from any conflicts that could arise if we were part of a major brand or organization not exclusively dedicated to M&A activity.


Above all else, selling and negotiating are collaborative efforts in problem solving. One of the things that differentiates Sequoia is that we approach our craft as professional salespeople and negotiators. The task at hand is to sell a product called your company. While we are proficient in accounting, corporate finance, and business law, we assume you would no more hire your accountant, banker, or lawyer to sell your company than you would to hire them to sell your company’s products or services. Successful M&A professionals do not take an us-versus-them approach when selling a company. Our employers own the companies we sell. Our customers buy them. Satisfying the needs of each maximizes value for both. While our fiduciary duty is to you, we strive for two stellar references at the closing of each transaction.

Peace of Mind

In short, this means we’re licensed to sell companies. Sequoia Mergers & Acquisitions holds valid Brokerage and Managing Brokers licenses under the applicable Acts in the jurisdictions we operate and as such we: (i) Maintain Errors and Omissions Insurance; (ii) Uphold our Fiduciary duty along with our ethical, common law, and statutory duties; (iii) Are bound to the duty of perpetual confidentiality; and (iv) Maintain government audited Trust Accounts.